Five Towns College 2019-2020 Catalog 
    Sep 17, 2021  
Five Towns College 2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor Degrees

Business Management Program

The Business Management Program with concentrations in Audio Recording Technology, Business Management Business Marketing and Music Entertainment Industries, which leads to a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (B.B.A.) is designed for students planning to pursue a career in business in a variety of roles including managers, coordinators, executives, in a assortment of industries including  social media, record and music production, broadcasting, concert promotion, radio, television, theatre, and communications.  The program is intended for students who are interested in developing their business and technical expertise.

In addition to the learning goals for each major area of concentration declared by business management students, learning goals for this program also focus upon accounting, advertising, business law, communications, economics, ethics, business technology, human resource management and finance.

Film/Video Program

The Film/Video Program develops in students the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to produce broadcast-style and narrative motion pictures. Graduates of the Film/Video Program are prepared for entry-level positions as film editors, production crew, and cinematographers. Learning goals for students focus upon mastery of cinematography, film history, film/video editing, motion picture directing, motion picture production, and scriptwriting.

Interactive Computer Graphics Program

The Interactive Computer Graphics Program prepares students for entry into sustainable, high valued careers in 3D animation, Motion Graphics, Digital Fabrication and the emerging fields of Mixed Reality (Virtual and Augmented). Curriculum rooted in digital design foundations and best practices includes advanced software applications, Creative Coding, both 2D and 3D Graphics, User Interface and User Experience design. By immersing students into the concept of ideation and development using both traditional and digital tools and by fostering critical thinking and real world problem-solving skills, the ICG graduate will be well equipped as competitive industry professionals.

Jazz/Commercial Music Program

The Bachelor of Music (Mus.B.) degree program in Jazz/Commercial Music with concentrations in Audio Recording Technology, Composition/Songwriting, Music and Entertainment Industry Studies, and Performances designed for students planning to pursue careers as professional performers, composers, recording engineers, music business executives or producers of video music.

The comprehensive program in Jazz/Commercial Music provides both a common core of technical studies and a foundation for specialized courses in the student’s major area of concentration. Music compositions selected from various styles, periods and composers provide the textual material for the program. A comparative survey of music literature in contrasting styles and media is utilized as an integral approach to the study of harmony, melody, rhythm, counterpoint, instrumentation, texture, and composition. Class performance of relevant music is encouraged and writing skills, aural skills, music analysis, and reading facility are developed in accordance with individual potential.

Theatre Arts Program

The Theatre Arts Program develops knowledge, skill, and conservatory training in acting, singing, dancing, and theatrical design and technology.  The Program provides a broad range of experiences in multiple classes and shows, enabling students to prepare for careers in theatre, film, television, internet, and other multi-media productions that incorporate comedy, tragedy, drama, musicals, and video.  Close to New York City, the Theatre Program utilizes the proximity by regularly inviting professional guest directors from Broadway and movies to direct our productions and offer master classes. 

Mass Communication Program

The Mass Communication Program is designed so that students acquire and demonstrate proficiency in the essential skills necessary for a career in the mass communication industry and in the fields of broadcasting and journalism. Students learn the principles, laws, and historical background of the mass communication industry, while enhancing their oral, written, and critical thinking skills. Students also select a major area of concentration in Audio Recording Technology, Broadcasting, Journalism, or Show Production. Learning goals for all students pursuing a Mass Communication degree program include mass media and society, voice and diction, new and emerging media.

Music Education Program (K-12)

The Music Education Program is designed for students interested in a career as a music teacher in a public or private school. The program leads to New York State Initial Certification in Music K-12 (pending passing of the NYS certification exams). The program also includes required New York State Field and Clinical experiences. 

Music Education candidates learn the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to become certified music teachers, starting with our conceptual framework; Teaching Is Prepared Performance. Learning goals for students focus on mastering content knowledge, knowledge of the learner, diversity, instructional methodology, communication skills, reflective-assessment strategies, collaboration and shared inquiry.

The carefully crafted coursework includes a mix of classes in liberal arts, science, music history, music theory, ear training, keyboard labs, private instruction, performance ensembles, conducting and education courses.

Although NYS certification in music is K-12 in all areas of music, there are two concentrations that candidates choose from; Instrumental or Vocal/Piano.