Five Towns College 2019-2020 Catalog 
    Aug 19, 2022  
Five Towns College 2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Jazz/Commercial Music Overview, M.M.

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HEGIS Code: 1004.00     Inventory of Registered Program Code: 21158

Degree Requirements 

The graduate program in Jazz/Commercial Music is offered with concentrations in Performance, Composition/Arranging, Music History, and Music Technology. It provides qualified students the opportunity to advance their study and research in the field of music and earn a Master of Music degree (M.M.).

The program is designed to meet the needs of professional musicians, audio recording engineers, music business executives, multimedia specialists, and active professionals working in the music industry, music education, or a musicrelated field.

Courses of study are flexible and designed to complement past experience and assist students in reaching current and future goals. Students meet each semester with the Graduate Advisor to plan their academic program. Candidates for the degree have the opportunity to perform with an ensemble during each semester of study.

Students must satisfactorily complete at least 36 credits of approved graduate courses with a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0. Twenty-four (24) of these credits must be completed in residence in order to be eligible for the Master’s Degree. Undergraduate courses (100-400 level) may not be counted for credit toward a Master’s Degree.

The graduate program leading to the Master of Music Degree is planned for three semesters of full-time study. Many students, however, take two years or more to complete all requirements. Graduate courses are scheduled for the late afternoon or early evening for the convenience of working students.

Concentration Component

Students in the graduate program in Jazz/Commercial Music take the courses in the music core and select one of the concentrations listed below. The 12 credits in the music core and the 18 credits in the selected concentration, together with the 6 credits of electives complete the 36-credit requirement for the Master of Music Degree.

Transfer Credit

Students who have taken graduate work at another institution may transfer up to twelve (12) credits toward the Master of Music degree if the course work was taken within a three-year period preceding matriculation at Five Towns College. The number of credits and type of course work transferred must be approved by the Graduate Admissions Committee. Students planning to take graduate courses for transfer credit at other institutions must have advance approval in writing from the Academic Affairs Office.

Admissions Standards

All candidates for admission are expected to demonstrate musical skills and a commitment to the advancement of their personal and professional accomplishments. Completion of a bachelor’s degree in music or a related field with at least 36 credits of applied music courses and a 2.75 G.P.A. is required for admission.

Comprehensive Examination

The comprehensive examination gives graduate music students an opportunity to demonstrate intellectual mastery and fluency in music theory, music history, and their area of specialty. The comprehensive exam consists of two parts: a written exam (90 minutes) and an oral exam (30-45 minutes) tailored to the student’s program and area of emphasis. A passing grade will allow the student to continue on the path towards graduation, while a failing grade will require the student to re-take portions of the exam at the discretion of the committee.


The Master of Music Program requires performance and composition majors to study with a member of the college faculty while matriculated for a degree, and present a Graduate Recital at the end of their studies with accompanying program notes. An approved final project is required of degree candidates in all other concentrations.

Plan of Study

In conjunction with their advisor, students are responsible forselecting the courses to complete a Plan of Study that identifies course work needed to fulfill degree requirements.

Graduation Requirements

Candidates for the Master’s Degree must complete all requirements within five years of the date of matriculation.

1. Satisfactory completion of thirty-six (36) credits of course work that are designed to have the student acquire knowledge, expertise, and research skills in the field.

2. Passing the comprehensive exam.

3. A minimum of 24 credits at the College.

4. A minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0.

5. A minimum grade of B in all concentration courses.

6. A research project or recital approved by the Graduate Advisor.

If continuous matriculation has not been maintained, a reevaluation of credentials will be required. 


Composition/Arranging Concentration

Music History Concentration

Music Performance Concentration

Music Technology Concentration

Program Course Requirements

The courses below are required of all students in the Jazz/Commercial Music Program.

Music Core
EDU 551 - Research Methods and Materials; Credits: 3  
MUH ___ - Music History Elective 500-800 Level (1); Credits: 3  
MUS ___ - Music Technology Elective (1); Credits: 3  
MUS ___ - Music Theory/Analysis Course (1); Credits: 3  
Total Music Core Credits: 12
ELECT ___ - 3 Credit Elective (1); Credits: 3  
ELECT ___ - 3 Credit Elective (2); Credits: 3  
Total Elective Credits: 6
Concentration Component
Jazz/Commercial Music, Composition/Arranging Concentration, M.M.    
Jazz/Commercial Music, Music History Concentration, M.M.    
Jazz/Commercial Music, Music Performance Concentration, M.M.    
Jazz/Commercial Music, Music Technology Concentration, M.M.   
Total Concentration Credits: 18
Total Program Credits: 36


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