Five Towns College 2023-2024 Catalog 
    Jul 18, 2024  
Five Towns College 2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College Scholarships and Grants

Five Towns College offers institutional financial assistance to students on the basis of academic merit, talent, and/or financial need. During the 2020 - 21 Academic Year, Five Towns College awarded approximately $4.2 million dollars in Institutional assistance in the form of one-time non-renewable awards, renewable scholarships, graduate assistantships, teaching fellowships, and academic prizes. The specific forms of institutional assistance and the terms and conditions available for the 2021- 22 Academic Year are set forth herein.

Eligibility for institutional assistance is determined though the student financial aid application process.  Decisions are based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and such other additional materials as may be required for each specific program. For international students, eligibility is determined through review of the materials submitted in support of the I-20 A/B and such additional supporting materials as may be requested.

The determination of initial eligibility for assistance to first-time freshman and transfer students is made prior to the first semester of study. Continuing students who have not received assistance from Five Towns College or who seek an increase in assistance, may apply or reapply after completing four semesters of full-time study – or sooner when significant changes in the student’s financial situation are documented. Recipients of renewable awards are required to establish their eligibility annually by reapplying for financial aid by April 30th prior to the next academic year.  Recipients who do not meet by this deadline may not have their awards renewed. 

Students who withdraw or resign or are dismissed from the College for any reason, must reapply for financial assistance when they seek to return.  There is no presumption of renewal for any student who interrupts their studies for any reason, except pursuant to an approved Leave of Absence.  Unless otherwise specified, all forms of institutional support require continuous registration, not including Standard Periods of Non-Enrollment (SPNE) such as winter J-Term and summer sessions. Pursuant to the Five Towns College Responsible Student Loan Borrower Policy, College assistance is expressly contingent upon the student being a Title IV recipient and limiting the student’s loan borrowing to the Federal Direct Guaranteed Student Loan Program. Students who borrow from other sources, such as though the private Sallie Mae and other private loan programs, are immediately ineligible to receive institutional financial assistance of any kind or amount.  In addition, pursuant to the Responsible Student Loan Borrower Policy, the College may link the award of a College funded grant or scholarship to a requirement that a student voluntarily limit their borrowing under the Federal Direct Guaranteed Student Loan Program.  Typically, the student agrees to voluntarily reduce their loan borrowing limits in amounts equal to the College grant or scholarship.

Non-Traditional students admitted through ACE Office agree to restrict their student loan borrowing to no more than $100 per course, to offset the cost of class materials/books.

All undergraduate recipients are required to perform not less than 20 hours of Community Service during each semester covered by an award. In cases where additional hours are mandated, the number of required Community Service hours will be specified in the award letter. Community Service must be performed at the College or at an outside agency approved in advance and in writing by the Career Services Office. Students must supply documentation that this Community Service requirement has been completed prior to the start of the next academic term. Full-time students who document that they are employed at least 10 hours per week are only required to perform 10 hours of community service.

The College expressly discloses that scholarships, awards, and prizes are earned by students and posted to tuition accounts at the end of the applicable academic semester, and not before. Unless otherwise noted, students who have a pending scholarship, award, or prize may defer payment of their tuition in an amount equal to the scholarship, award, or prize until the end of the applicable semester, or they may pay their tuition account and receive a refund when the scholarship, award, or prize is posted to their account. Students who are notified of their eligibility for a scholarship, award, or prize but who fail to complete the applicable academic term by posting final grades, forfeit their eligibility and will not receive the scholarship, award or prize. In such cases, the student will be responsible for any outstanding tuition or other charges on their account that may result from such forfeiture. Students seeking to interrupt their studies without permission during the middle of an academic term are advised to consult with the Financial Aid Office prior to doing so. Conversely, students who have good cause for interrupting their studies may apply for and receive a waiver of this rule. The College does not pay for attempted college work, only for completed college work.

Unless otherwise specified, scholarships, awards, and prizes may only be used for the payment of tuition, and may not be used for the payment of fees. In determining student loan eligibility, institutional financial assistance will be applied first when determining the unmet Cost of Education for the determination of student loan eligibility. In cases where the amount of state, federal, and institutional aid combined exceed the cost of tuition, the institutional assistance will be reduced or capped so that the combined awards do not exceed the cost of tuition.

Unless otherwise specified, scholarship awards are not cumulative. When a student is determined to be eligible for more than one institutional award, only the higher award will be granted unless otherwise specified. In addition, unless otherwise specified, scholarships are not applicable towards Winter/J-Term and summer sessions study, when tuition is typically reduced

Full Tuition Scholarships cover the cost of full-time tuition up to and including the number of credits set forth for on the Recommended Sequence of Courses for each degree program or 17 credits, whichever is higher. Unless otherwise specified in writing, scholarship recipients who register for more than that number of credits are responsible for any charges incurred for additional credits over and above the recommended amount. In addition, institutional assistance may not be utilized to repeat completed courses or to cover the charges for auditing a course or for course credits that do not satisfy any requirements of the applicable degree program.

Pursuant to the College’s Finish-in-4 Policy, undergraduate scholarship recipients are required to attempt at least 15 credits and to complete at least 12 credits each semester with a term grade point average of at least 2.5. Recipients who do not achieve these outcomes will be placed on Scholarship Warning. Failure to meet this academic achievement requirement for two consecutive semesters may result in a prospective loss of the scholarship. Students who do not complete the semester for which a scholarship is pending are subject to a loss of the current award as set forth above. Students who do no accumulate at least 15 credits in any academic term may be required to make-up the deficiency during the next J-Term or summer term as a condition for continued scholarship assistance.

Unless otherwise specified, undergraduate scholarships and grants are renewable for up to four semesters of associate degree program study and eight semesters of baccalaureate program study.

All students are required to register and re-register on-time as a condition of their scholarship or grant, and in order to maintain Tuition Rate Guarantee as described in other parts of this Catalog. Students who register late, without permission, are deemed to forfeit their scholarship or grant. Re-register for classes on time!


Dr. George Alterman Memorial Scholarship

Established in the name of the first Chairperson of the Five Towns College Board of Trustees, a $3,000 per year award to a student with a minimum high school average of 90% and/or outstanding talent and a record of community service. This is renewable for up to four consecutive years of full-time study. Applicants should submit a letter detailing their community service record together with a letter or other documentation from community agencies attesting to the service.

Ida and Benjamin Cohen Memorial Scholarship

Established to celebrate the founding of Five Towns College in 1972, a limited number of $1,000 per year awards to students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program who have earned a cumulative high school grade point average of 85% or higher and who demonstrate academic potential, talent, and/or financial need. This is renewable for up to four consecutive semesters of full-time associate degree or eight consecutive semester of bachelor degree study.  No separate application required.

College Housing Assistance Grant

A limited number of grants in an amount of up to $3,000 per semester to resident students to defray the cost of on-campus housing, selected on the basis of financial need and/or academic merit. This is renewable up to eight semesters. May be combined with other grants and scholarships.

Five Towns College Family Scholarship

A scholarship equal to 75% of the cost of tuition to children of full-time members of the Five Towns College faculty or staff, who have been employed by the College for at least three years and continue in that status through the period covered by an award. Partial awards available to the children of less-than-full time members, at the discretion of the College. This is renewable up to eight semesters. Conflict of Interest Policies apply: Recipients may not be enrolled in a program of study for which their parent is a member of the divisional faculty. Letters of application may be approved in the sole discretion of the College Provost or designee.

Graduate Assistantship

Graduate assistants are students enrolled in master’s and doctoral degree programs, who, by virtue of their academic preparation and/or musical talent, are invited to caucus with a program faculty committee and teach undergraduate courses under the close mentorship of a full-time faculty member. Graduate assistantships are designed to prepare artists and scholars to join the professorate. Graduate assistants receive financial support in various forms, including full and partial scholarships, stipends, and housing assistance. Graduate assistances are selected through a competitive application process by the Music and Music Education Program Faculties.

Doctoral Fellowships in Music

A limited number of Doctoral Fellowships are awarded to licensed public school music teachers (K-12) who matriculate into a program of study leading to the Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.) degree. Doctoral Fellows receive a full-tuition scholarship, without the requirement that they engage in the activities of a Graduate Assistant. They are, however, required to participate fully in one or more of the major ensembles offered by the Music Division in every semester for which they are a Fellow, as specified in the Doctoral Fellowship Award Letter.

Half Hollow Hills Central School District Scholarship

Two scholarships equal to 25% of the College tuition to enable one graduate each from Half Hollow Hills High School East and High School West to pursue a bachelor’s degree program in their home community. Recipients must have the recommendation from their high school principal. Community Service Hours must be performed at an eligible Half Hollow Hills community organization, such as the HHH Public Library, REACH Community Youth Agency, or Hills on Stage.

HEOP Institutional Scholarship

A scholarship determined annually by the Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) Director to eligible students selected to participate in the Five Towns College HEOP program. Recipients are limited and subject to the guidelines established by the HEOP Office in coordination with the New York State Education Department.

Legacy Scholarship

A $2,000 annual scholarship to undergraduates who are the children of Five Towns College alumni. Recipients must demonstrate eligibility prior to initial enrollment. This is renewable for up to four years of continuous full-time study.

Leo and Alice Kleinman Memorial Scholarship

Established to recognize the original benefactors of Five Towns College, a limited number of full-tuition scholarships to students with a Title IV EFC of Zero who are also NYS TAP Full Grant recipients. Recipients are required to maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average and forego student loan borrowing of any amount. This is renewable for up to four years of baccalaureate degree study. No separate application required.

Long Island Superintendent’s Scholarship

Each year Five Towns College invites the Superintendent of Schools from each Long Island school district to nominate up to three high school seniors to receive a Long Island Superintendent’s Scholarship.  Recipients must be recent high school graduates and enroll at Five Towns College in the fall semester immediately following their graduation from high school.  Recipients must demonstrate academic merit and financial need. An award up to 50% of the Five Towns College tuition charges is available. This is renewable for up to eight semesters of full-time bachelor’s degree study. Recipients must be recommended by participating School District Superintendents.

Lorraine Kleinman-Cohen Memorial Scholarship

Established to honor the memory of the co-founder of Five Towns College who, by virtue of her dedication and compassion for students, was responsible for the College’s growth and development. A $5,000 annual grant to a student with a minimum high school average of 88% and musical or theatrical talent. This is renewable for up to four consecutive years of full-time study. Applicants should submit a letter detailing their community service record together with the results of their audition for admission to the Five Towns College Performance or Theatre Arts degree programs.

Resident Assistant Housing Grant

A grant equal to the cost of a single room to students selected to serve as Resident Hall Assistants (RAs). Recipients are selected by the Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life and serve at the pleasure of the College. A separate application is available from the Student Housing Office. Recipients are required to serve as RAs for the complete semester for which an award is granted. RAs who discontinue their service during a semester for any reason without the prior permission of the Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life will only receive a pro rata award.

Responsible Borrower Incentive Grant

A grant of $500 to any Title IV recipient in their last semester of study who has borrowed less than $1,000 through student loan programs offered through Five Towns College to finance their college education.

Stay on Long Island Initiative (SoLII) Scholarship

Two full-tuition scholarships to graduates of Suffolk County Community College each year to encourage associate degree recipients to continue their education on Long Island at Five Towns College. One recipient is selected for the fall semester and one for the spring. Recipients are required to enroll directly into a bachelor degree program at Five Towns College for the semester immediately following graduation from community college, and maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0. Awards may be applied to tuition charges only, and may be renewed for up to four consecutive semesters of full-time study. Additional requirements apply.  All students recommended for SOLII may still be considered for partial SOLII Merit Awards by the College.

Academic Prizes

Academic Prizes include those special and one-time grants for tuition offered to winners of various academic and talent-based competitions sponsored by third-party not-for-profit organizations supported in whole or in part by Five Towns College, or identified by the College’s Board of Trustees to memorialize the service of retired or deceased members of the Five Towns College staff and faculty.

Unless specifically provided otherwise, recipients of academic prizes are required to establish their eligibility by enrolling at the College in the first academic term for which they are qualified. For secondary school students, this is typically the first semester following graduation from high school. Recipients who fail to claim an academic prize awarded by an affiliated organization by delaying enrollment without the express permission of the College, are deemed to have forfeited the prize.

All academic prizes are expressly contingent upon the recipient meeting the admissions standards established by the College at the time of enrollment, and not at the time the prize was offered. Academic Prizes have no cash value and may only be used to attend Five Towns College.

Bursar’s Prize

Established to honor the memories of the dedicated staff members who served the students of Five Towns College in the Bursar’s Office, including Hannah Blackshaw, Ruth Gipp, and Georgia Salamina. An award of up to $2,000 to a student with senior standing and financial need to help them complete their final semester of study in a baccalaureate program. This is not renewable.

Cooperating Teacher Graduate Credit Voucher

A voucher equal to 3 graduate credits to cooperating teachers who host Five Towns College Teacher Education Candidates. This is transferrable one time to other eligible graduate students. Must be redeemed within 24 months from the date of issuance.

Mildred Gardner Memorial Prize for Excellence in Graduate Research

Established to honor the first Library Director at Five Towns College, who was responsible for founding and organizing the College’s library collection and the protocols that guide it to this day. Recipients must be matriculated in a graduate degree program.  Awards up to $2,500. This is not renewable.

Mary Gottsch Memorial Prize for College Service

Established to honor the founding Registrar of Five Towns College who set a standard of excellence in academic records management, advisement and student service, an award of up to $1,500 to a student with sophomore standing or higher with unmet financial need. This award is not automatically renewable.

William H. Nosofsky Memorial Prize for Excellence in Writing

Established to honor the second Dean of Five Towns College, who was responsible for leading the College to accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and for many other significant advances during the founding years of the College. Recipients should possess a New York State Regents Diploma with an unweighted average of 90% or better in English Language Arts subjects and pursue a program in Mass Communication at Five Towns College. Awards of up to $5,000 per year. This is renewable for up to eight semesters of continuous study.

Long Island Media Arts Show Academic Prize

A limited number of academic prizes to winners of the Long Island Media Arts Show Best in Show Competition, held each spring at Five Towns College for Nassau and Suffolk County High Schools. Categories include Film, Photography and Graphic Design. Award recipients are announced at the Best in Show Film Screening Event.  Terms and conditions of awards are set forth in award certificates.

Music Educator Fellowship Award

A grant to enable NYS licensed music educators (K-12) to participate in large ensembles for graduate credit or audit, in an amount up to the full tuition charge for each ensemble. Requires the approval of the ensemble conductor and the Music Division Chair. May not be combined with a Doctoral Fellowship in Music.

Charles Strouse Award

Established in honor of the gifted pianist, songwriter and composer of Bye Bye Birdie, Annie, Golden Boy, Nick and Nora, and Rags, who was awarded an honorary Doctor of Music Degree (Mus.D.) from the College for his outstanding artistic and musical achievements.  This award of $2,500 is given annually to a performing music student who best exemplifies the virtues of this talented and dedicated music professional, to defray the cost of on-campus housing. This award is not renewable.

Morton Vogel Memorial Prize

Established in honor of a beloved and respected Five Towns College Distinguished Professor of Music who founded and developed the early Music Instrument Technology Program. This award of $2,500 is given annually to either a music or business degree program student majoring in Audio Recording Technology, who by virtue of their service to the Audio Recording Technology Department exemplifies the virtues of this talented educator who played a significant role in the establishment of the College. This award is not renewable.

Ward Melville Heritage Foundation – Long Island’s Got Talent Academic Prize

Up to $25,000 in combined academic prizes each year for tuition only at Five Towns College to winners of the Long Island’s Got Talent competition sponsored by the Ward Melville Heritage Foundation and the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. Prizes must be redeemed during the first semester of eligibility to attend Five Towns College following high school graduation.  Award recipients must be certified to Five Towns College each year following the award competition.