Five Towns College 2020-2021 Catalog 
    Apr 22, 2024  
Five Towns College 2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interactive Computer Graphics, B.F.A.

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HEGIS Code: 1009.00                       Inventory of Registered Program Code: 39171

Program Overview

The Interactive Computer Graphics Program prepares students for entry into sustainable, high valued careers in 3D animation, Motion Graphics, Digital Fabrication and the emerging fields of Mixed Reality (Virtual and Augmented). Curriculum rooted in digital design foundations and best practices includes advanced software applications, Creative Coding, both 2D and 3D Graphics, User Interface and User Experience design. By immersing students into the concept of ideation and development using both traditional and digital tools and by fostering critical thinking and real world problem-solving skills, the ICG graduate will be well equipped as competitive industry professionals.


Program Course Requirements
Common Core
ENG 101 - English Composition 1; (3cr)   
ENG 102 - English Composition 2; (3cr)   
PSY 101 - General Psychology; (3cr)   
Quantitative Competency Elective; (3cr)   
Scientific Competency Elective; (3cr)   
Diversity Competency Elective; (3cr)   
Oral Communication Competency Elective; (3cr)   
Total Common Core Credits: 21
Content Specialty Courses
BUS 275 - Social Media Concepts and Practice; (3cr)   
CCP 210 - Branding the Creative Professional; (3cr)   
ICG 110 - 3D Animation 1; (3cr)        
ICG 115 - Drawing and Imaging 1; (3cr)   
ICG 120 - Motion Design 1; (3cr)                     
ICG 125 - Design Principles; (3cr)   
ICG 150 - Interactive Computer Graphics 1; (3cr)   
ICG 210 - 3D Animation 2; (3cr)   
ICG 215 - Drawing and Imaging 2; (3cr)   
ICG 220 - Motion Design 2; (3cr)   
ICG 240 - Design Thinking 1; (3cr)   
ICG 250 - Interactive Computer Graphics 2; (3cr)   
ICG 310 - 3D Animation 3/Advanced Rendering; (3cr)   
ICG 340 - Design Thinking 2; (3cr)   
ICG 350 - Interactive Computer Graphics 3; (3cr)   
ICG 380 - Apprenticeship - Experience Lab; (3cr)   
ICG 450 - Capstone 1; (3cr)   
ICG 460 - Experience Lab; (3cr)   
ICG 465 - Capstone 2-Portfolio/Career Prep; (3cr)   
ICG Elective; (18cr)   
Total Content Specialty Course Credits: 75 
Additional Liberal Arts and Sciences
ART 110 - Art/Design Theory and Criticism; (3cr)   
Art History or Design Theory Elective; (9cr)  
Liberal Arts and Science Elective; (3cr)    
Total Additional Liberal Arts and Science Credits: 
General Elective; (9cr)  
Total Elective Credits: 9

Total Program Credits: 120

ICG Facilties and Equipment

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