Five Towns College 2020-2021 Catalog 
    Jun 22, 2024  
Five Towns College 2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Performance Program, Mus.B.

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HEGIS Code: 1004.00     Inventory of Registered Program Code: 90153

Program Overview

The comprehensive program in Performance provides both a common core of technical studies and foundation for specialized courses in the student’s major area of concentration. Music compositions selected from various styles, periods and composers provide the textual material for the program. A comparative survey of music literature in contrasting styles and media is utilized as an integral approach to the study of harmony, melody, rhythm, counterpoint, instrumentation, texture, and composition. Class performance of relevant music is encouraged and writing skills, aural skills, music analysis, and reading facility are developed in accordance with individual potential.

Concentration Component

Students in the Performance program select one of the following concentrations. The 24 credits in the selected concentration, together with the 30 credits in Common Core/Additional Liberal Arts and Sciences, 57 credits in Music Content Specialty and the 6 credits of Electives, constitute the 120-credit requirement for the Bachelor of Music degree.


Audio Recording Technology Concentration
The Audio Recording Technology Concentration at Five Towns College is designed to provide students with the tools needed to succeed as professional engineers and producers of music for soundtracks in film and video productions. Students study the theory of sound, recording electronics, engineering procedures, music production techniques, and audio/video post production in a sequence of courses designed to develop practical and technical skills. The College’s industry grade recording studios, editing suites, and MIDI workstations provide students with a highly focused learning environment for both assigned and extracurricular recording projects.
Composition Concentration

The Composition Concentration provides professional training for students who intend to pursue careers in composition and arranging for television, film, gaming, and entertainment industries.

General Performance

The general performance degree is designed for students interested in a performance career. Additional training in improvisation and diverse musical genres prepares the student with a marketable range of abilities to perform in various musical venues

Music Entertainment Industry Studies Concentration

The Music Entertainment Industry Studies Concentration is designed for students interested in a career in a music-related business field. Studies include the technical, legal, production, managing, merchandising and licensing aspects of the music business.

This Concentration assists those graduates who plan to work as artist managers, record and publishing company owners, executives, promoters and producers of music videos to achieve their career goals.

Songwriting Concentration

The Songwriting Concentration is designed to develop competencies in song structure, lyrics, melody, and vocal arranging through exposure and experience to different diverse contemporary styles.

The courses below are required of all students in the Performance Program.

Program Course Requirements
Common Core
ENG 101 - English Composition 1; (3cr)  
ENG 102 - English Composition 2; (3cr)  
PSY 101 - General Psychology; (3cr)  
Quantitative Competency Elective; (3cr)  
Scientific Competency Elective; (3cr)  
Diversity Competency Elective; (3cr)  
Oral Communication Competency Elective; (3cr)  
Total Common Core Credits: 21
Music Content Specialty Courses
AML 141 - 442 - Applied Music Lesson 1 - 8; (16cr)  
Ensemble Elective (1 - 12); (12cr)  
MUS 111 - Harmony 1; Credits: 3  
MUS 112 - Harmony 2; Credits: 3  
MUS 211 - Harmony 3; Credits: 3  
MUS 212 - Harmony 4; Credits: 3  
MUS 121 - Sight Singing 1; Credits: 1  
MUS 122 - Sight Singing 2; Credits: 1  
MUS 221 - Sight Singing 3; Credits: 1  
MUS 222 - Sight Singing 4; Credits: 1  
MUS 123 - Ear Training 1; Credits: 1  
MUS 124 - Ear Training 2; Credits: 1  
MUS 223 - Ear Training 3; Credits: 1  
MUS 224 - Ear Training 4; Credits: 1  
MUS 185 - Keyboard Skills 1; Credits: 1  
MUS 186 - Keyboard Skills 2; Credits: 1  
MUS 285 - Keyboard Skills 3; Credits: 1  
MUS 286 - Keyboard Skills 4; Credits: 1  
MUS 218 - Form and Analysis; Credits: 3  
MUS 314 - Arranging; Credits: 2  
SRRE __ - Senior Recital; Credits: 0  
Total Music Content Specialty Course Credits: 57
General Elective; (9cr)  
Total Elective Course Credits: 9
Additional Liberal Arts and Sciences
Liberal Arts and Science Elective 300/400; (3cr)  
Music History Elective 100-200 Level; (3cr)  
MUH 302 - Jazz History; (3cr)  
Total Additional Liberal Arts and Sciences Credits: 9
Concentration Component
Audio Recording Concentration  
Composition Concentration   
Music Entertainment Industry Studies  
Songwriting Concentration  
Total Concentration Credits: 24 
Total Program Credits: 120


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